A Family-Friendly Three-Bedroom Apartment of 72 sqm with a Dreamy Kids’ Room

Interior designer Dina Udaltzova was approached by a family with a young daughter to create a cozy and functional apartment. The primary objectives were to design a space where each family member had their own area, incorporate two bathrooms (one with a bathtub and the other with a shower), install a bidet, and create a laundry area.

Thoughtful Layout

The apartment features two isolated rooms and a spacious kitchen-living area. The developer had already included two bathrooms, which perfectly suited the owners’ needs. The master bedroom is in one room, while the second room is dedicated to the child’s bedroom. The open-plan kitchen and living room serve as the communal area, providing ample space for family activities.

Elegant Finishes

The walls are painted, with monotony broken by decorative molding frames and beautiful wall murals. The master bedroom features floral motifs, while the child’s room has a whimsical “garden” theme. Engineered wood flooring is used throughout, including in the kitchen area, where it seamlessly blends with the rest of the living space. The entryway is distinguished by large-format terrazzo tiles, creating a practical “mudroom” area.

The color scheme is primarily composed of milky-beige tones with deep emerald accents. This vibrant hue is used on the entryway wall, in the substantial built-in furniture pieces such as the hallway closet, storage systems in the bedroom, and the kitchen cabinetry. The child’s room features a palette of pink and mint tones, while the master bedroom is accented with terracotta.

In the bathroom, three types of tiles are used: sandy terrazzo as the base, wood-look ceramic tiles on the wall above the bathtub, and blue-patterned tiles in the sink area. Blue is also extended to the furniture here. The shower room, which includes the laundry area, is more subdued, with grey ceramic tiles on the walls and floor.

Smart Storage Solutions

A spacious built-in wardrobe was integrated into the hallway during the planning stage. Across from the wardrobe, there are wall-mounted cabinets and a dresser, which serve dual purposes as storage systems and benches, allowing for convenient seating or placement of bags and keys.

The corner kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances, including built-in units. A glass cabinet with lighting is positioned near the entrance, and a similar display case is featured at the end of a tall unit with a built-in oven, facing the living room.

In the living room, the TV console is structurally combined with an open bookshelf for books and decor. The master bedroom includes a built-in wardrobe and a floating console that doubles as a vanity.

The children’s room is where the magic happens, with storage systems contributing to the fairy-tale ambiance. There is a wardrobe for clothes and a storage system opposite the bed, including a desk for future use for books and toys. The curved fronts of the closed sections are finished in three shades: mint, pink, and dusty purple.

In the bathroom, a vanity unit is placed under the sink, and a storage system is installed above the toilet installation. In the laundry area, the washing machine and dryer are situated under a single countertop, with a storage unit under the sink and a wall-mounted cabinet above the countertop for various household items.

Lighting Design

General lighting is achieved through built-in fixtures and tracks, with additional lighting scenarios thoughtfully incorporated. These include pendant lights over the dining table, a ceiling chandelier, wall sconces, and pendants above the desk in the child’s room, a pendant on one side of the bed in the master bedroom, and two pendants above the vanity. In the bathroom, there is ceiling backlighting for a soft, relaxing evening glow and a pendant light by the mirror.

This 72 sqm apartment, designed by Dina Udaltzova, is a testament to how thoughtful planning and design can create a comfortable and functional home for a family. With distinct spaces for each family member, stylish finishes, and practical storage solutions, this apartment is a dream come true. The whimsical children’s room adds a touch of magic, making it a perfect family-friendly home.